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What Makes This Different From Everything Else You've Tried?  VISION!!!
You Have to "SEE" It Before You Can Be, Do, or Have It!!

The From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience
...Where "Extra" Ordinary People Make it Ordinary to Live Their Dreams
Mental Healing, Mental Strength, & Mindset Maintenance for  New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Visionaries, Go-Getters, Risk-Takers, Inventors, Pioneers, Trailblazers, Path-finders, Change Agents, 3-AM'ers, Manifestors, & People Who Can Hear That Silent Voice Say, "You Are More Than What You Have Become!"
Create, Live, & Leave a Legacy That Speaks When You No Longer Can!

Great Day, Attractive Thinker!  
Congratulations on believing in and trusting you again and having the courage to invest in your next level of living!  As a Vision Expert, I see a common thread amongst people with visions, dreams, and goals.  They get inspired to create a better life for themselves.  They feel like they are finally going to finish writing that book.  They get excited "about the idea" of creating a business that supports the life that they desire to experience.  Then, before the week is out, they lose momentum, talk themselves out of the very things that they desire, and slip back into the boring, mundane, mediocre routine of life!  They continue throughout the rest of their lives, starting and stopping, and starting and stopping!  Sometimes years are spent dreaming about the dream instead of having the courage to live the dream!

In Order to Change, Grow, and Create Anything New, the Mind Has to Be Informed!
Then, You'll Need Mindset Tools to Support You In Overcoming the Mental Blocks, Challenges, and Obstacles that You'll Encounter While on Your Path to Changing Your Life & Growing Your Business!

I remember running to the conference, couldn't wait to get to the workshop, excited about my bag of information that I gathered at the event yet struggled to implement when I got home.  
Where was the Speaker when I tried to implement and hit a mental block?  Where was the presenter when I tried to implement and didn't know where to start, what the next step was after that, or when I struggled to feel good enough to really reach this goal?  Where do they teach that at?  Why did I feel like they shared just enough for me to get started implementing, and then get stuck? Can you relate?

What I did not know was that my conscious mind was excited and ready to accomplish this new goal but my subconscious mind was set on keeping me comfortable and creating more of my current circumstances!  
What?  You mean I had 2 minds?!  Now how was I suppose to create agreement between these 2 minds so that I could create the outcomes that I really wanted in my life?  

What I realized was that there are 2 types of support that people with vision (Attractive Thinkers) need consistently in their lives:  support from a coach and support from a positive circle of influence!
 With these two supports in place, they go further/faster and accomplish more in 30 days than they did in the last 12 months!  Gone are the days of being the Lone Ranger, bouncing your ideas off of an old mentality, struggling to find solutions, and constantly defending your visions, dreams, and goals with people who haven't considered pursuing their visions, dreams, and goals!

You need the Vision Expert!  ... totally different from a coach!  As a result of showing my son how to see without eyes, it enabled me to show people with eyes how to see!  How to properly see in life...  It's not what you don't know that's holding you back, it's what you don't see that has you paralyzed with fear!  If you're hesitating, starting and stopping, talking yourself into and out of your visions, dreams, and goals, then it's time to shine the light in darkness and bring your vision into focus, so that you get clarity, direction, and next steps!

As a Vision & Mindset Expert, I have a RARE sense of VISION that shifts perceptions and supports you in seeing your situation from a different light so that you can approach it differently and create a different, more desirable outcome!

"It's not what you're going through that is stopping you, depressing you, and keeping you in a holding pattern!  It's how you're viewing it!"

Seeing your situation as a punishment causes you to act, feel, and think differently than seeing your situation as a position from which you can create something truly FANTASTIC & AMAZING! ... something that has meaning and purpose beyond just you and what you are experiencing!

Here at the From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience you'll:

end the silent suffering!
get support and clarity so that you can pick up speed in your life!
begin to produce, accomplish, and create what your heart desires!
shift your thinking with life-altering mindset tools, strategies, and resources!
become more confident, courageous, & committed in your life!
get clear as to who you truly are, what you like, and what you're here to accomplish!
become a whole, balanced person with focus and direction!
receive the mental support to lose weight, grow your business, write your book, and
create a new generational pattern of success!
Donna Duffy Testimonial

"Toni's incredible life story has given her keen insight and understanding to help others to move from lack of vision in life to 20/20 vision so they can truly see!" 

~Donna Duffy and Pat Howes


Once the vision is in focus, it's easier to create a plan of direction and next steps! Most of the time, you get to "hear" what you say.  As a Vision Expert, I get to "see" what you are saying so that I can support you in creating the vision that you desire because no matter how much you desire it, you will not walk towards something that you cannot clearly see! Your vision may be foggy or you may only see parts of what you desire to accomplish.  When the vision is not clear, it's easy to procrastinate and push your goals off until tomorrow or some other time, that never really shows up! You may even struggle with how you are going to accomplish this goal.  No worries!  Here at The Attractive Thinker, we've got you covered! 

Procrastination is a Suble Thief!  It Steals Time!

Next, you need the support of your Fellow Attractive Thinkers!  The From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience was created with you in mind and is where you'll receive:

You'll receive solutions and strategies in the areas of:
...and so much more!

  You'd be surprised... simply surprised at what's really holding you back!  You have dreams and goals that you'd like to accomplish with your life, but you can't figure out what to do to manifest these dreams and goals and you struggle to believe that they can truly happen for you because you can't imagine how this is all going to work out for you!

As a Member of the From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience, You Will:

Why invest IN yourself through the From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience?

Even if you had all of the steps, ideas, books, charts, etc. you'd hit a roadblock when it's time to implement and take action because of where the mind is set on and instead of running full speed ahead to your life and business goals, you'd hit the brakes, starting and stopping until you eventually come to a stop due to lack of clarity, support, direction, and next steps!

There is a GAP between knowing what to do and actually doing it.  So, along with mental healing and the tools for mindset maintenance, you'll receive life-altering strategies to support you in uprooting and overcoming the mental blocks as you create the life that you really desire to live!

"Mindset is everything!  Everything we do in life starts with a certain way of thinking, a set pattern of beliefs, consistent habits, and repetitive cycles!" ~Think Attractively!

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$297 Initial Investment & $97/Month Thereafter

Attractive Thinker Nancy Cifuentes ResultsAs a member of the From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience, I received authentic mentoring and coaching guidance, as Dr. Hatton taught from her own experience while truly believing in me and my ability. Through quality mentoring sessions, Dr. Hatton held me accountable, gave me assignments, and provided me with Attractive Thinker Tools that I continue to use in my life’s journey. I discovered that the very thing that I was seeking, I was already doing!  Using customized Attractive Thinker Tools I was able to give birth to the business that was already inside of me, structure it with such clarity that I could see how to get started with serving my customers and clients, and I developed the courage and the strategy to end a negative relationship!  We don’t need a moment of instant gratification or a quick pick me up, which you might find elsewhere. What Dr. Hatton offers is the courage to dig deep inside, shine the light of clarity, shift the perception, and see that all that is within me is not only possible but accessible! Once I discovered this, I have never looked back.  As a Vision Expert, Dr. Hatton revealed to me that everything that I need is always right in front of me.  True leaders understand the power and value of having a mentor and the lasting benefits of getting support with personal growth and development that guarantees success in life and business!
                                                                                                        ~Attractive Thinker, Nancy Cifuentes

I know you're tired
Attractive Thinker and you're ready for your change!  You are full, you hear a voice from deep within telling you that there is more to the life that you are living than what you are experiencing right now!  You've carried these visions, dreams, and goals for years and now you're at a point in your life whereas it's now or never!  You're still not sure where to begin or how it's going to happen but you know that you must do something or things will never change.  Attractive Thinker, trust me, I totally understand where you are!  You're seeking clarity. You feel overwhelmed.  You're trying to start several things at once and nothing is getting done.  
Everytime you share your vision with your circle of family/friends, you end up defending your vision versus developing your vision.  You feel all over the place and struggle to get organized.  You feel like you've wasted a lot of time and you don't want to waste anymore time, procrastinating, hesitating, and tip toeing around your dreams! You've decided not to live a mediocre life and I celebrate you for that!

Dr. Toni, I am glad that I made that phone call to your office!  
My live has changed dramatically!  I can see more clearly now!  I once was blind, but now I see!  Your life's work is making my life better!  I'm not stuck anymore!  I have a bigger sense of purpose.  I'm glad that I did not change that station on the radio when you were hosting The Attractive Thinker Radio Program!  I had all of the pieces to the puzzle, but they were all scattered.  The pieces aren't scattered anymore!  I now have clarity!  My whole life has been changed by the From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience!

~Shenika Darden

The From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience supports courageous, risk-takers, out-of-the-box Thinkers, and New/Aspiring Entrepreneurs who have made a non-negotiable decision to step outside of the meaningless routine of life and create a meaningful, fulfilling life that reflects their values and makes them feel ALIVE!  They've decided to step up out of the system that's designed to keep them sick and broke and they've mustered up the courage to believe in themselves and their vision!  They are clear that they're supposed to live a BIGGER LIFE!  They are clear that their money determines the quality of food that they eat, which affects their health.  They are clear that their money determines what schools their children and grandchildren attend and what kind of support that their aging parents receive!  Attractive Thinkers are clear that their money determines their options, their opportunities, and their experiences in life!  ...and they've decided to take FULL responsibility for that and step up to the plate in their own lives!                                 

"Vision is the Ability to See Beyond What You Are Looking At!"

I am Dr. Toni Hatton, CEO of The Attractive Thinker, LLC, at where courageous risk-takers are shifting from repetitive goals to repeated success!  They are shifting their perceptions and creating new realities!  Most people hear the words that they say, I have a tendency to "see" the words that they are saying.  When the vision is not clear, people do not pursue! Think about that. What you cannot see, you will not pursue! When you ask most people what goals they are working towards, what they desire to accomplish with their lives, or when they are going to reach their goals, they have no real expectation.  It's easy to get stuck in the pursuit of your goals instead of expecting to actually manifest those goals.
 Another underlying thread that I recognize is that most people with vision, experience sabotage when it comes down to their health and wellness.  If you wake up in the morning with a nagging headache, no energy, and confused about which pill to take, the purple one or the blue one, the visions, dreams, and goals are placed on the back burner! Vision and Wellness go together like faith and works, one without the other is dead!

This is what makes The From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience different from anything you have ever experienced!  You'll get clear with your Vision/Goals, and your Health/Wellness! You'll begin to see your life changing!  

I must warn you! ... and this is no joke!

When you invest in yourself through The From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience, get ready for your life to change!  Don't think this is one of those programs that you just go through and don't see results!  You're going to receive real, life-altering information and some powerful Attractive Thinker Tools to give you no excuse for not implementing and advancing your life!

This Private Circle of Trailblazers is not for you if...

This Circle of Trailblazers is for you IF you are ready to...

You see, Attractive Thinker, you and your vision are one!  ... inseparable!  Your vision is only going to grow to the extent that you grow.  If your vision is not growing, neither are you and if you aren't growing neither is your vision.  You are the change agent in your life!  If you don't move, nothing moves!  Have you ever thought about that?  You are the creator of your world.  We are all in the process of creating our world in the midst of this great, big world that we live in.  When the vision is not clear, we struggle to create.  This results in hesitation, procrastination, depression, frustration, and the list continues.  
You're reading this page because deep inside of your heart, you know that something is not right and it shouldn't take this long to accomplish anything in your life.  You're still reading this page because you are uneasy, pacing the floor at night, trying to figure it out.  Most people know that something has to change, yet they are not sure what.  They have a lot of ideas, yet lack an idea on how to manifest them.  They know they were created for so much more, yet are not sure how to get it all started.  

"Register Today and Expedite Your Own Process by Clicking Below!"
$297 Initial Investment & $97/Month Thereafter


It's Time to Shift Your Perception and Create a New Reality!!

If you're still reading this page, Attractive Thinker, something inside of you has made a connection. Something is telling you that you must connect!  Something is telling you that this is right for you! In order for your vision to grow, it must be planted in RICH soil.  Most people get inspired, motivated, and enlightened about their possibilities and they share them with their circle of influence and they get no support in making them their reality.  Instead of developing their vision, they now have to defend their vision.  This causes an energy leak.  Afterwhile, not only does your circle of influence not believe in your vision, YOU struggle to believe in it yourself.  "Maybe this is not for me.  No one in my family has ever done this before.  Maybe I should just be like everyone else and be satisfied with that."  These are some of the thoughts that result from a lack of support.  When you are not supported, don't have the right information, and struggle for years to accomplish the same goals, it weighs on your self-esteem and you can begin to feel like a failure!  With support, Attractive Thinker, you can go further, faster!  Certain ideas will only come to your mind when you are around RICH-MINDED people!  It takes mental tools to develop mental muscles in order to have the mental fortitude to hold onto and manifest your vision!  It's time to create a legacy that you can "live" and "leave" for your children's, children's children!!

You'll Benefit from Having Access to...

Attractive Thinker Results...

photo Tammy Dent 2_zpsdbohs8ec.jpg

Before I attended the From Sight to Vision Mastermind Experience,   I never thought that I needed a coach! I now "see" how that's an important part of my journey! The experience is uplifting, informative, and very much needed in our communities!

                                                                    ~Attractive Thinker, Tammy Dent

photo Michael Bissett_zpslfxuhbpo.jpg

Dr. Toni Hatton was a Guest Speaker on The Extraordinary Life, Business, and Success Summit and offered a complimentary 30 minute Coaching Session to everyone on the call! Before I met Dr.Toni, I was a do-it-yourself kind of person and hadn't really appreciated the value of a coach. After my session with Dr. Toni, I felt a lot better about my business! I had a better perspective on things, like knowing who my potential clients were, how to create a business name, and how to develop the proper mindset as an entrepreneur!  If you're a business owner, struggling with establishing your vision for your business, or you feel lost and in a fog like I was, I would highly recommend talking with Dr. Toni. If you're skeptical about coaches, don't be. The insight that a coach like Dr.Toni can provide could make quite a difference in how you go about your business. I know that it did for me! :)                                                                            

~Attractive Thinker, Michael Bissett

photo Deborah Phillips_zpsuvrtjgfp.jpg

Dr. Toni, I was rushing home to get on the From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience Call!  I'm so grateful I made it.  I was speechless!  You gave me an idea that I hadn't thought of.  I am filled!

~Attractive Thinker, Deborah Phillips

Thank you Dr. Toni!  Ever since I heard you speak at the conference, my life has not been the same!  Everything you said, resonated deeply with me.  My mindset is changing daily!  My vision is becoming more clear.  After being on the From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience monthly call, my energy is off the chain!

~Attractive Thinker, Carolyn Jett

photo Tichet Bradshaw 2_zpsqzf2v41x.jpg

Dr. Toni you are really giving 2 hours of power!  My blood is rushing through my veins as truth and wisdom are being spoken!  Your voice has a break-the-chain healing power! 

~Attractive Thinker, Tichet Bradshaw

Prior to my Coaching Session with Dr. Toni Hatton I felt as if I was teetering on the edge of another depressive episode. I had just been notified that I was not accepted for a really awesome career development program I have spent the last 2 and a half months applying and hoping for. I did not know where else to go, what else to do. I've always known I was meant for great things, but it seemed like I was stopped and stomped at every opportunity. If I could not get in here, who else would want me? Would I really have to settle for and do those horrible minimum wage or desk jobs that make me feel like I was killing myself internally? Would I have to once again delay my goals for who knows how long? I was disappointed in myself.  Twenty-one years old, but not in college or working, what does that say about me? My family cannot afford to have me doing nothing.  How can I help them from this position of powerlessness? What do I do?  As a result of talking to Dr. Toni I noticed, that even though I was extremely nervous and felt like I wasn't making much sense, that things were already looking up... I began to realize how solvable these problems were.  She helped to me see my own past progress from a more objective perspective that uncovered a trend, a theme in my life. This theme was one of action, one of learning, growing, and doing. of thinking differently with more purpose than I gave myself credit for.  Dr. Toni's guidance helped to uncover some opportunities I missed along the way, but that are still available to me. This guidance also applied focus to my Vision and my ambitions.  I strengthened my wavering purpose, my confidence, and my resolve. I highly recommend you call Dr. Toni Hatton because she will help you shift your perspective to discover your Major Definite of Purpose. Whether you’ve lost it, never found it, or simply need to refocus a bit, Dr. Toni can and will help you!  Just as importantly, she will supply you with the proper Attractive Thinker Tools and actionable steps necessary, based on your own means and circumstances, to achieve that Vision and live towards that Major Definite of Purpose.  Dr. Toni Hatton will help you to see the characteristics and empowering tools of an Attractive Thinker within yourself. Take action, Attractive Thinkers! You are here for a reason!

~Attractive Thinker, Elijah Claude

"Falling is Inevitable, but Failure...  That's a Choice!"

Solutions Waiting For You in The Attractive Thinker Library Include:

photo 72 Hours pix 2_zpssutxy3nj.jpg

  • Procrastination is a Subtle Thief!   
  • The Many Faces of Fear!
  • Is Your Baby Alive!
  • Expedite Your Exit!
  • Break the Cycle!
  • Are You a Victim or a Victor!
  • Place Your Fear in the Proper Perspective!
  • Write It or Be Written!
  • Mark the Spot Where You Got Distracted!
  • Become What You Are Pursuing!
  • Shift From Pursuit to Manifestation!
  • Carbohydrates, Consistency, & Your Business!
  • Reach Your Goals in the Midst of Overwhelm!

Attractive Thinker, are you ready to...

  • get unstuck?
  • break free from the things that are holding you back from playing a BIGGER GAME in your life?
  • accomplish the goals that you've have for years?
  • finally resolve those New Years Resolutions?
  • create the life that you know you deserve?
  • be happy?
  • add value to the lives of others with your unique vision?
  • create a new way of living for your family?
  • align your vision with your wellness?
  • stop talking yourself into and out of the things that you desire?
  • connect with courageous risk-takers who've taken a no-excuses approach to creating a legacy that speaks when they no longer can?

Take a deep breath and listen closely for a moment...

Think about where you currently are in your life.  You landed on this page because you want more!  You look in the mirror and you don't recognize yourself or your life.  You really haven't show up fully in your own life in a long time.  Just the thought of putting you first or seeing the value in your dreams may make you feel a little eerie and uncomfortable.  I know you want to believe that you can create a life that you simply love to wake up to, but you're still hearing the voice of doubt whispering in the background!  You may even be afraid to click the buttons on this page and invest in yourself to get to the next level!  Let me share something with you...  EVERYTHING that you desire to do differently and abundantly in your life is on THE OTHER SIDE of what you are afraid to do right now!  


The fear that you feel right now is not the scary, boogey man kind of fear!  The fear that you feel right now right in the middle of your chest is an INDICATOR that you are about to leap into something new!  That's it!  There's no boogey man on the other side of this registration button BUT there is freedom, meaning, fulfillment, abundance, alignment, and accomplishment after accomplishment...  on the other side of this button!  Believe it or not, you don't have to search any longer.  You're standing in your defining moment!  Right now, you're giving your life for something.  If it's not  getting you the results that you desire, then decide to spend your life on the path to your dreams!!

"Register Today and Expedite Your Own Process by Clicking Below!"

$297 Initial Investment & $97/Month Thereafter


Upon registration, please check your email.  You will receive your membership benefits and access to The From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience!  I look forward to introducing you to your Fellow Attractive Thinkers.  

     photo Dr. Toni Hatton Headshot_zpsg4swelxs.jpg

Dr. Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker is a Vision and Mindset Expert
, Speaker, Certified Health Coach, Author of Don’t Be Afraid: He’s Preparing You!, Creator of The Attractive Thinker Movement and the Instantly Implement! 12 Weeks to Vision & Mindset Clarity Program, has written and recorded several songs, and was the Host of The Attractive Thinker Radio Program for Radio One in Baltimore for 2 years! Dr. Toni is the recipient of a Governor’s Citation and a Honorary Doctorate Degree for the transformation that she provides in the community! A defining moment that could have dimmed her light actually gave her insight! As a result of showing her son how to see without eyes, it enabled her to show people with eyes how to see! to properly see in life because his darkness became her light!! Dr. Toni now supports New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs and people who struggle to accomplish their visions, dreams, and goals with getting clear about what they really want, in bringing their vision into focus, and in creating a plan that makes that dream become their new reality! Dr. Toni supports her clients through Private and Group Coaching Programs where to date her practice has prevented 3 suicides, supported Attractive Thinkers in finding their purpose in their pain, and supported 1,000’s in shifting from hopeless to hopeful & from devastation to determination! When Attractive Thinkers come into her presence they get clear, experience a calming peace, release stress, embrace their creativity, and leave on FIRE ready to create, live, and leave a legacy that speaks when they no longer can!

My life's work is to make your life better!  Remember, it's not what you're going through, but how you're viewing it!

 ~Think Attractively!

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